Five home-based businesses for non-professionals

Over the last 10 plus years, as a home-based professional,  I have had many people ask me what other kinds of home-based businesses are available, which would allow them to enjoy the pleasures and challenges of working from home.

In this article, I will give a brief description of five great opportunities that are widely available and are relatively cost effective to start and run.

Online business: As discussed in a previous post, there are a myriad of income generating opportunities available online, ranging from blogs and eBay to virtual assistants and wedding planners.  Thousands of people in countries around the world are generating large sums of money online.  A word of caution though, there are as many online scams and fraudsters as what there are legitimate business opportunities.  Do your research carefully and diligently before jumping in.

Web design: With some of the amazing programmes available today, designing and developing websites as a business, is not as difficult as it once was.  Businesses, both large and small, around the world are discovering the importance of having an online presence and are willing to pay good money to have a website created for them.  With very little experience and no graphic design knowledge, I have created a number of websites for myself, and have discovered that the start-up cost is fairly minimal, and the skills are fairly easy to learned.  Follow this link to access the program I use to develop websites.

Network marketing: The first reaction of most people on hearing these words is to cast their eyes towards heaven.  This is because we have all heard the stories of failure and bitterness that have resulted from bad experiences.  But it need not be so!  There are many companies, providing excellent products and services through this method of distribution, and this can be an extremely successful part-time or full-time business opportunity, when handled correctly and ethically.  I have over 12 years experience with one company whose products and service, I have discovered stand head and shoulders above most others and would highly recommend the company and their products anyday.  Find out more, by clicking on this link.

Student tutorial: Most parents will pay large sums of money to ensure their children are well educated.  Due to the often testing times in classrooms, many children struggle to understand some of the concepts taught in subjects such as maths and science, and this has resulted in a massive industry for tutorial services.  This is a great option for retired teachers and other people who have the knowledge and skill to convey these concepts, and success stories abound of students who had been tutored in this way.

Handyman: There is a massive market waiting for those people who are handy around the home.  From changing light bulbs and tap washers to hanging cupboard doors and garden maintenance, there are thousands of people willing to pay for these services.  In some countries, Handyman service franchises exist for those who have the practical skills of a Handyman, but may not have the business skills to run a successful business.

As mentioned, there are many other opportunities available to anyone who is willing to put in the effort and take the risk of owning a home-based business.  Many people cite lack of finance, as the reason for not entering into the business world.  With the growth of the home-based business, low-cost options with great returns are easily accessible and therefore most excuses can be removed.

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