Top 10 Things To Do On A Date With A Budget

Whether you’e on a budget, broke, or plain cheap there are many places you can take your date out. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, in fact, you don’t have to spend any money at all. Here are the top 10 things to do on a date with a budget:

Way 10: Hiking

Cost: Free

Hiking can be a fun and exciting activity to do while on a date because you get to explore the wilderness together.

Way 9: Rollerblade or bike riding

Cost: Free

Rollerblading or riding your bike together is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some physical activity at the same time.

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Way 8: The mall

Cost: Free

The mall is a great place to go without necessarily spending money. There’s a lot of places to go and things to see there. If she buys stuff, remember to hold her bags.

Way 7: Coffee

Costs: $3 to $10

A great place to get to know each other is a coffee house. Discourage restaurants because they have a meal menu, instead go to a place that strictly sells only coffee and inexpensive desert. Have a strategic plan to avoid having the date around meal times. While she gets a regular coffee, order free water.

Way 6: Museum

Cost: Free

Museums is a fantastic place to bring you date because you get to admire art, architecture, and history all in one place. Preselect museums that don’t have an admission fee to avoid spending money.

Way 5: Ice cream

Cost: $5

Going to get ice cream on a hot summer day is refreshing and will help you guys cool off. Your date will definitely appreciate the ice cream gesture.

Way 4: Cook

Cost: $10 to $15

Cooking for or with your date will truly impress him or her. You’ll get show off the culinary side of you and save money at the same time by not going out to a restaurant.

Way 3: Watch a movie

Cost: Free to $5

Invite your date over to watch a movie that you already own or rent one. It’s a very inexpensive date night in that will save you the money as oppose to going to the movie theaters. 

Way 2: A walk in the park

Cost: Free

A sweet romantic walk around the park is a great way to impress your date. Make sure you guys meet up after supper.

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Way 1: Picnic

Cost: $5 to $10

Having a picnic is one of the most romantic things you can do on a date. Bring a blanket to rest on and prepare sandwiches, snacks, and some drinks.