How To Get A Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

I’m not sure why cell phone companies charge so much money for their services. There’s the voice plan, data plan and add-ons such as voicemail, text messages and yada yada yada. People reading deserve to know how to get a cheaper cell phone plan, since we all are already paying for so much in our lives. Truthfully, there are ways to lower your cell phone payments and here’s how.

Way 1: Work for them

Want to get a cheaper cell phone plan? Work for them and you’ll receive company benefits such an employee discount for your cell phone. Become a customer service representative and get the perks of listening to customers like me complaining about their plan. You probably don’t want to work for a cell phone company just for a cheaper cell phone plan, so take a look at way 2.

Way 2: Downgrade

A more realistic way to get a cheaper cell phone plan is to simply downgrade your plan. Cancel your data plan and stick to just using wifi. There are so many wifi hotspots everywhere such as your home, Starbucks and McDonald’s. If you can’t live without your data plan, take a look at way 3.

Way 3: Negotiate

Research different cell phone plans other companies provide. Call your cell phone company and explain to them your situation. You are looking for a cheaper plan and ask them what they can do for you. Tell them that there is another company offering a plan that is much better than yours. Be weary on your current plan, you may have a penalty for early cancellation, if not, be willing to walk away. Tell them that you want to cancel your plan (not really), and they will happily transfer you to the “customer relations” or the “cancellation department”. This is where there usually offer you better plans than your current one to retain you as a loyal customer.

If you’re pleased with what they have to offer you, take it. Otherwise, you can either go ahead and cancel or say never mind you’d like to keep the same plan. If you do decide to cancel and go with another provider, make sure you transfer your number with them before you lose your number completely.

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