How To Save Money Grocery Shopping

Cooking your own food is a great way to save money instead of eating out all the time. Grocery shopping can be tedious and time consuming, even expensive if not done right. How to save money grocery shopping is a simple process. The trick is to plan and use these ideas to save you more money. Here’s a list of 5 ways you can save money grocery shopping:

Eat before

Studies have shown grocery shopping on an empty stomach will make you want to buy unnecessary unhealthy foods. Shop after you’ve eaten a big meal and you’ll tend to buy less by focusing on the food you need.

Use coupons

Check weekly local or online flyers for coupons. Saving a few cents every week adds up to a few hundred dollars a year. A really cool app that I use is Flipp App, which pulls all local flyers based on my postal code.

Look for promotions

Grocery stores usually have in-store promotions and liquidations. Take advantage of these sales and you’ll save tons of money.

Make a list

Jot down the things you need before you decide to go grocery shopping. Having a list will avoid buying unnecessary groceries and the need to continuously go back because you forgot to buy something.

Set a budget

By setting a budget, you won’t overspend your money. Before going to the grocery store, calculate the cost of the things you need to buy.

Use your points card

Sign up for a grocery store points card and accumulate points. Most grocery stores offer points card and weekly specials to help you earn more points towards free free stuff helping you save money grocery shipping.

Find cheaper grocery stores

Groceries stores that appear really proper outside and inside tend to have more expensive than those whom aren’t. Have you ever had some of the employee’s ask you, “Hi, how are you?” or “Can I help you?”. You’re basically paying for the appearance and shopping experience. Go to the smaller stores that look really dirty, where the employees hide and ignore you. You’ll find that you’ll save money grocery shopping and have money money in your wallet.

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