Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Gas

Whether you’re planning on going on a long road trip or just want to save money driving your car to work, there are many simple and effective ways to save money on gas. With the high rise in gas prices over the past few years, gas has become quite expensive. The good thing is, there are many ways to save money on gas that not everyone is aware of. Here are the top 10 ways to save money on gas:

Way 1: Find better routes

You may be taking a longer route to get to work or back home. Make sure you’re taking the fastest route home and consume less gas.

Way 2: Use your air conditioner wisely

Park your car in shaded places and leave your windows slightly open so that your car doesn’t get overheated. While driving open your windows a little bit or if you do use the air conditioner, stop it a few minutes before your destination to save on gas.

Way 3: Drive smaller

Driving smaller cars have a better fuel economy and requires less gas in order to accelerate your car. Smaller cars are cheaper than bigger cars and they consume less gas.

Way 4: Reduce weight

Carrying heavy things in your car requires your car to use more gas. Limit the things you put in your car and save more money.

Way 5: Carpool

Consider taking turns with a co-worker driving to work. It’ll save you quite a bit of money and will consume less milage making your car last longer.

Way 6: Brake effectively

Over accelerating and consistently breaking hard consumes the majority of your gas. Drive at a steady pace and keep your distance to avoid using your gas and breaks repetitively.

Way 7: Don’t idle

Even if you’re not driving, having your car on consumes a bit of gas. Turn your car off when you’re not using it and you’ll save on gas.

Way 8: Avoid traffic

Driving in heavy traffic uses heavy gas. Try changing your commute time before traffic starts or afterwards.

Way 9: Drive manual

Driving manual enables you to shift into gears at a lower RPM. Automatic cars tend to shift gears at a higher RPM consuming more gas. Next time you buy a car, consider manual transmission since they tend to be cheaper and saves money on gas.

Way 10: Plan your trips

When you have different places to go, plan them in a way that will limit your driving. This way, you won’t have to go back and forth and waste more gas.

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