5 basics every entrepreneur should follow

Aim for a specific target.

Most businesses fail because they do not have a specific aiming point, but some obscure objective.  The fact is that you will always hit what you are aiming for.  Amongst the many lessons I learned while in the military, one of the most important was learned on the shooting range.  I remember my sergeant’s words as if he were here today.  “Make sure that your aim is specific and deliberate and on the target you choose.”  (Read more….)

Have a blueprint to reach your target.

Most people plan their holidays but not their lives and then years down the road wonder where it all went so wrong.  Many years ago, I was a company rep selling truck and bus gearboxes, drive shafts and steering boxes.  During my first month with the company, I noticed one salesman seemed to do less travelling than the rest of the sales team and yet from the stats I could see that he had doubled his target for the year to date and had done so for a number of years.  When I asked him how he did it, he replied, “I have the blueprint,” and walked away.  (Read more…)

Get started.

I am always surprised by the number of people who have great business ideas, but never act on them and then complain that they are unsuccessful.  An entrepreneur is a regular person who sees an opportunity and then, having done some decent research, gets started without delay.  (Read more….)

Be unique and let your character imprint your business.

Many businesses fail as a result of the entrepreneur not stamping their unique, positive character on the business.  You are a unique individual, with unique attributes that will attract clients to your business.  Identify those characteristics and use them to your advantage.  (Read more …..)

Surround yourself with people better than yourself and leverage off of them.

The majority of successful entrepreneurs understand that they can’t know or do it all.  They also recognise that the best solution is to surround themselves with good people that have the knowledge and the abilities that are required to perform the functions required.  The skill comes with finding the right people and paying them well.  

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