How to Be Successful: The Six Key Factors

The definition of success is stated as “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose” and “The attainment of popularity or profit”.

As I view it, there are six key factors on how to be successful; some are through sheer luck while the majority is through blood, sweat and tears.


Some people are simply talented beyond human understanding. There are select groups of people that are unbelievably intelligent since birth, others that own photographic memories and some that can simply “connect the dots” without influence from external sources such as teaching.

Talent lies within everyone but it’s raw.

One of the ways to be successful is to fine tune one’s talent through coaching. Think of the raw talent Michael Jordan possessed but also realize that it was his coaching that truly allowed him to shine.

Talent, in most cases, is out of one’s control; if gifted, by all means seek out the coaching needed to hone the craft. Those without raw talent should not become discouraged from the success of others because it’s beyond control.

Hard Work

The true path on how to be successful is through hard work. The average Joe will need years of experience before ‘success’ is achieved so it’s less about the exact work done as it’s more aboutthe persistence toward the work.

There is no definitive stopping point for hard work.

Everyone should remain a student of the world; always ready to learn something new and willing to take action upon their knowledge. Success isn’t defined by others. Hard work only pays off when one’s goals are reached which have been set by the person – and that person alone.

In due time, just rewards will be fruitful for those that work hard. Aim for success but always celebrate the wins and experience during the ‘journey’.


Timing is everything but everything isn’t always on time.

Great success have been the result of “getting in” at just the right moment either before, during or moments after a colossal bubble or hot trend. There are those that just so happen to be “at the right place at the right time”.

Timing is luck.

Not one person has control over time. Equally so, being “on time” with one’s goals do not necessarily lead to success as many great inventors could attest because of the overshadowing of others. There have been millions of lost, great ideas that others weren’t ready to accept but life comes full circle and these ideas flourish once more in due time.

In short, timing isn’t an item one should rely on in order to become successful. If things work out, for the best, than it becomes a factor but it’s not something for holding out.


The world is interconnected. The vast majority of Fortune 500 business owners have, in most cases, worked with one another or have made connections which led the individual toward their success at this current day.

A common example of connections can be seen, quite readily, in the rise and fall of technology companies; businesses that are similar to a firefly – burning bright and then fading into oblivion – the bubble. Thousands of talented individuals work for innovative companies; through connections from within, individuals move on and launch their own versions of success.

The connections made today are the thought leaders (and partners) of tomorrow.

The connections made during school, business meetings, casual conversations and other forms of communication and networking are major factors for success.

How one achieves success through connections are during the moments when one needs the additional support and momentum that can only be caused through a passionate support structure (and culture) aka one’s network.


Hundreds of “coaches” teach the idea of attraction marketing; the idea that one can wish happiness and prosperity in their life and the cosmos will grant them their wishes (read The Secret).

Unfortunately, one cannot simply wish success upon themselves. The socio-economic factor of success is apparent with many successful business owners as they have been “born into” fruitful situations.

The key factor for how to be successful through socio-economics is similar to hitting the lottery – the odds are so well stacked that it’s not a sane method of achieving goals.

However, there are factors which come into play on a physiological level which goes both ways.

A person from the “streets” has incredible opportunity to rise to success because of the sheer willpower to overcome their situation. Likewise, a well-off individual can lose everything that has been given to them. The socio-economic factors will play favor to those that are privileged but there is still a ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel for those that do not hold such status.


Lastly, training, like hard work, is how to become successful under any circumstances.

Unlike hard work, training goes beyond working tooth and nail toward a goal. Training, in a lot of ways, gives a straight path toward success which hard work may often deviate from.

Training comes from legitimate sources: accredited teachers, learned individuals, authority figures, heavy life experiences and other elements which create a mentor from years of hard work but also the collection of knowledge to pass to pupils.

Training, above all else, requires an excellent degree of due diligence.

There are far too many people and businesses that are willing to offer training but do not hold the credentials. The elements of marketing is against many individuals; it’s crafted specifically to touch emotional triggers and destroy one’s logical responses which leads people to make quick, brash decisions on following their mentors and teachings.

Everyone must remain skeptical and willing to take time in order to learn the proven history and track record of those they are investigating. It is only after a teacher is found to be legit and ethical that the learning process should begin.

Face it: these factors are the true methods of success. Success doesn’t come from wishing into the cosmos or push-button systems; nearly everything is either a factor of hard work or great luck. Throw out the variable of luck and get down to the roots: hard work is the true path to be successful.

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