When skill is combined with the right attitude you become unstoppable

Skill can be described as the wise and correct application of knowledge which leads to a specific set of results. This means that if you understand how to do a particular thing, for example make coffee, but you put an unmeasured amount of coffee in the mug, the coffee you have made will not taste good and will not satisfy.

However, if you take the time put the right amount of coffee in the mug, with the right amount of water and milk, the coffee you have made will taste good and will satisfy.

When combined with the right attitude, skill can and will enable you to overcome any obstacle from preventing you reaching your dream or goal. It has been said that attitude determines your altitude and while this is true, if you do not have the skill to deal with the altitude you are at, you will not stay there and may even crash.

Recently I watched an air crash investigation program in which they detailed a crash involving a Russian Airbus flown by a very experience crew. The captain and first officer had the experience to fly their aircraft at its cruise altitude at night as they had done on so many occasions. On this particular flight, however, the captains children were on board and he decided to allow them into the cockpit during the flight.

This would ordinarily not cause any problem, but the captain allowed his son, who continuously proclaimed that he could fly the aircraft, to sit in the pilots seat and play with the flight control, while he spoke to the other crew members, thinking that the auto pilot would remain engaged. Tragically, unknown to the flight crew, the movement of the controls disengaged the auto pilot and despite their frantic efforts, the aircraft crashed killing all on board.

Despite the captains son having the attitude the he could fly the aircraft, he lacked the knowledge and as a result over 100 people died. The captain and the first officer had the knowledge to get the aircraft and its passengers safely to their destination, their application of that knowledge had tragic consequences.

Acquire the knowledge you need for the tasks ahead of you, apply it wisely and correctly and nothing will stand in your way or stop you from reaching your goal.

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