Should I Call In Sick For Work?

Sometimes people just need or want to call in sick for work. We all have those days at time when we don’t feel well, like catching flu. Other’s may need a personal day or mental health day. Then there are some that just feel like working. Whatever the reason may be, we all have the right to call in sick for work. Here are 4 considerations before calling it in:

Your reasons

Are you feeling overwhelmed or burnt out? Maybe speaking to your boss directly about feeling overworked may resolve the problem by giving you less work. Are you actually sick with a cold, flu, or stomach problems? This is always a good enough reason. If you do take sick days consecutively, you may need to have a doctors note. Do you have an important appointment you need to make? Try planning ahead of time to get the day off instead of calling in sick if possible. Things happen in life and you may feel you aren’t able to fully function at work. You probably just need a personal or mental health day to clear your mind.


How often do you call in sick

Do you rarely call in sick or are you known to? Your boss may start to notice a pattern and co-workers may start complaining if you’re always calling in sick during the holidays. No one will mind if you call in sick once in a blue moon because it’s believable.

How to do it

Give time to your employer so that if need be, they could replace your work for the day. If possible leave a message on voicemail to avoid questions and awkwardness. Keep your call short and to the point. Don’t be nervous when you’re sick, you’re sick, you don’t need to disclose any details.

Can you afford it?

Most importantly of all, can you afford lose a day of work? Make sure it doesn’t affect your budget. You still need a roof under your head and food on the table.

Your employer doesn’t need to know why you’re calling in sick. People call in sick all the time. Try not to call in too much and make sure it doesn’t affect you financially. Don’t think about it too much, everyone calls in sick for work every now and then.

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