Top 10 Ways On How To Act Busy At Work

Sometimes you find yourself at work with no work to do. If your boss passes by to check up on you or if your other co-workers are busy, the best thing to do is to look occupied. Have you ever wondered how to act busy at work without anyone knowing it? Doing so may impress your boss and others around you. Here are the top 10 ways on how act busy at work:

Way 10: Use the computer

Pretend that you’re working on the computer by reading your favorite blogs or playing video games, looking busy has never been easier. Furthermore, be productive by emailing; it’s a great way to keep in touch with your friends and look busy at work.

Way 9: Don’t work so fast

Slow down while you work then speed up when people see you. It’ll keep you busy and your employer will always see that you’re working.

Way 8: Pretend to talk to clients on the phone

Pick up the phone and lower the dial tone so your co-workers can’t hear it. Talk to yourself about work related stuff when others are watching.

Way 7: Walk around and look for things

Wander around but look busy by looking for things you “need”. So if someone asked what you’re looking for, you can simply reply that you’re looking for the important thing that you “need”. Grab a coffee while you’re at it too.

Way 6: Act stressed out

When others look at you, look stress and occupied with your work. Bite your nails, scratch your hair, and sigh every now and then.

Way 5: Lock the door

Lock the door of your office and set the timer on your alarm clock to wake you up. If anyone asks just say you were on a very important phone call or meeting.

Way 4: Write or draw things

Writing and drawing things will make others think you’re industrious. Write a to do list i.e. grocery list, so that you’re better organized for the weekend.

Way 3: Look at documents

“Reading” documents and important papers keeps you looking occupied. You can daydream while you’re doing this, or think about what you’re going to be having for supper, the sky is the limit.

Way 2: Hide

The best place to hide is the washroom and no one will ever bother you there. While you’re in there you can text your friends or play video games on your phone.

Way 1: Reorganize

A simple and effective way to look busy is by moving and rearranging things around your office space. Take out papers from your desk and then put them back in, once done, repeat.

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